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Raw material wholesale

Kairos distributes the following raw materials, including in large containers:

• Hoodia gordonii (20:1 extract, powder, 100% pure)
• Sutherlandia frutescens (5:1 extract, powder, 100% pure)
• Sceletium tortuosum (powder, 100% pure)
• Algae, Gracilaria species (powder, 100 % pure)
• Algae, Laminaria species (powder, 100% pure)
• Sun-dried Benguela Marine Sea Salt

All raw materials come from strictly organic cultivation and are supplied in perfect quality and in an optimum low bioburden form. We hold certificates relating to cultivation and export from local authorities and farmer organisations and relating to import approved by the EU authorities, which we are happy to provide on request.

Please address price inquiries to Kairos Healthcare by e-mail or fax, stating the material and the quantity required.