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Maintaining good health, and thereby preventing the development of diseases, by taking natural steps at the right time (“KAIROS”) is an age-old human goal and is the creed that has been adopted by many generations of doctors, from ancient times right up to the present. With the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases and ever tighter bottlenecks in health policy, individuals are having to take responsibility for themselves, so that forward-looking, preventive thinking in medicine and society is becoming increasingly necessary.

KAIROS HEALTHCARE considers itself responsible for putting into practice the fundamental conviction that “health preservation and disease prevention is better than restoration and repair”. With this aim in mind, we develop sophisticated formulations and innovative products. We consistently develop our formulations based on the latest knowledge from both pure research and applied clinical research. We source the natural ingredients used in our products globally: from Africa through Asia to Northern Europe. Some of our most important active ingredients come from Namibia in South Africa.

We insist on near-natural, ecologically-sound production, manufacturing and processing, on the avoidance of over-exploitation of natural resources, on mutually agreeable forms of cooperation with local farmers and authorities and on strict adherence to all the different export and import rules and regulations. It goes without saying that we insist that the active ingredients must be absolutely pure and that their origin must be verifiable. Our manufacturing process conforms to the customary quality requirements of the European Union (EU).

KAIROS HEALTHCARE formulations and products are developed hypoallergenically and contain no undeclared additives, dyes, flavour enhancers or preservatives. Wherever possible, we use natural fruit extracts as capsule fillers and use no environmentally hazardous packaging materials.